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May Fair 2016


A big big thank you to everybody that contributed to our efforts at the May Fair this year.  We raised £334.57.  Parents thank you for your contributions for the Tombola and the black and green bunting looked great also thanks for spending money on our stall.  Young People thanks for all your work leading up to the fair and on the day, with making the games, making bracelets and flyers.  On the day you all managed to find a way to help weather it was by running a game, distributing flyers, making popcorn finding unusual ways to make a sale.

Thank You

Cubs Ikea Bingo


Cubs had a go at Ikea bingo this week, they had an Easter themed list of items to find within the store, out of the twenty or so items on the list the two teams managed around 8 each.  There are a few pictures here

Asda Bag Pack


We would like to thank everyone that helped us raise £251.73 for our group to help us improve our premises and subsidies some group events. With the help of Asda and their generous customers along with 6th Carshalton Scout Group we collected £503.46 which we have shared 50:50.

Thanks to all the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Parents that came along and did their stint of bag packing. Also a huge thank you to Asda and their staff for the opportunity and help they gave us on the day.

Cubs Road Safety

Cubs working on their Road Safety presentations courtesy of the CWU’s learning centre in Croydon.
The Cubs learnt about the Green Cross Code, where it is safe to cross, how you need to pay attention  and stay alert when you cross the road, picking a good place to cross etc.
Then the cubs hit the streets to gather some pictures to use in their road safety presentations.
We also spent a little time finding out about the different types of pedestrian crossings (School, Zebra, Pelican, Puffin, Pegasus and toucan).  Did you know the differences?
To finish off the Road Safety Badge and complete part of the requirements of the IT badge the cubs spent an hour putting together their research, the results of which can be seen by following the links below.
cubs compute
Bryn Jed Max Nat
Sam Reece Fin Scott

Centenary Camp


One of the activities enjoyed by the Scouts during our Centenary Camp was the Caving.

Once kitted out with some safety gear, the Scouts spent a couple of hours underground with some excellent guides as they explored the Godstone Mines which have been used for a number of things including Firestone, Hearthstone, Mushrooms and Bats.

To find out more and to see some pictures visit The Wealden Cave & Mine Society Website and look at the Godstone Main Series (GSM) areas.

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