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Blackland Farm Cub Camp

The cubs have recently returned from a very wet summer camp to Blackland Farm, near East Grinstead. Despite the torrential rain and flooding over Wednesday and Thursday, the cubs still managed to do their tunneling and bouldering, as well as canoing on the lake. On Friday we did archery, rifle shooting, swimming and zip wires, before the cubs made their own dinner! On Saturday, we ventured out to Littlehampton, where the weather was remarkably warmer – a positively tropical 19 degrees! We spent the morning on the beach making sandcastles and burying ourselves in the sand, before heading over to the funfair on the seafront to try out some of the rides. We finished the day off nicely with a meal out to save cooking! Well done to all the cubs who went – they showed strength of character and perseverance in the face of adverse weather, and we are extremely proud of them. Many thanks to all the leaders who came along to help – Bagheera, Baloo, Raksha and Kay – this wouldn’t have been so successful without you!

Photos are available here. A video of some of our activities is below. Please watch it right to the end, there are some interesting sounds that follow!




Cub Camp Broadstone Warren

On Friday 13th November (unlucky for some!), 1st Beddington Cub Pack set off for an action-packed weekend at Broadstone Warren scout campsite in East Sussex. Despite the wet weather, and ridiculous 80mph winds, the cubs managed to do all their activities, from archery and potholing, to an assault course on the ground and an assault course 30 feet in the air!
We enjoyed a fantastic roast dinner in a cosy log cabin on Saturday afternoon, and even played a wide game against 1st North Wallington, a rival cub pack who also happened to be staying at the site. We won of course, and the cubs were treated to toasted marshmallows on an open fire in the log cabin for their victory.
All the cubs had a good weekend, so a big thank you goes to Baloo, Bagheera, Carole, and Rachel for all their hard work in delivering such a successful camp!
Pictures available here (more coming).



District Cub “Geronimo’s Pow-Wow” Fun Day

This year seven cubs from 1st Beddington joined hundreds more from groups all over the district for a day of fun, native American-Indian style!

Leaders from different groups run bases ranging from face-painting and crafts to tomahawk-throwing and building tee-pees. Akela, Bagheera and Baloo ran the base cooking traditional \’frybread\’, and the cubs went round trying all the bases (some more than once!)

Towards the end, we had a BBQ and then finished off with a large camp-fire and of course plenty of songs!

I think everyone had a great time, and there are some photos from the event in our photo album. Hopefully there will be more on the district website in the future.

October 2011 Cub Camp

Once again the cubs are hell-bent on pleasure, and we are off again on camp. From Friday 21st until Sunday 23rd October, we will be atBelchamps Scout Outdoor Centre, near Southend, in Essex. We will be staying in indoor accomodation that can sleep up to 24. There are bunks in the main hall around the egde, with separate toilet facilities, kitchen and leaders rooms. We will be taking part in activities such as Archery, Rifle Shooting, Climbing and the Assault Course, as well as some more traditional back to basics activities. We will also be completing our Outdoor Challenge badge, and our Navigator Activity badge. Some of our older cubs will also be able to complete their Camper Activity badge, too. The camp is priced at £45 per person, which considering the accommodation and activities, is actually a bit of a steal!

To see some photos of the building we will be staying in, please click here. The video from our last cub camp is available here, so you can see just how much fun they had!

Easter 2011 Cub Camp

The cubs have recently returned from a very windy camp at Blackland Farm in East Grinstead. This was slightly different to most camps as there were many other groups from the Sutton District – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts camping at the same time.

We took advantage of the competition, challenging neighbouring 11th Wallington cubs to a game of rounders and organising a wide game with 11th and 1st North Wallington. We also had a camp fire with hundreds of members from all over Sutton, where Akela, Bagheera and Baloo were made to sing! In addition, there was plenty of time for the usual activities – rock climbing (above!), abseiling, archery and grass sledging to name a few – plus the cubs all earned their astronomers badge.

As always there are photos available in our gallery, plus a video is now available.

Cub Camp – Blackland Farm – April 2011

The cubs have returned from a warm weekend to Blackland Farm near East Grinstead, where we joined the rest of our District for an inpromptu District Camp. We spent the weekend doing climbing, bouldering and abseiling, as well as grass sledging, tunnelling and low ropes, not to mention archery and swimming! We were blessed with glorious sunshine, and played joint wide games with other packs and completed our Astronomers Badge. All the cubs had a brilliant time, albeit it a bit tired when we got home!

Well done to all the cubs who went, and my thanks go to the leaders who made this happen – Bagheera, Baloo and Denise.

Photos will be available shortly, and a preview of the video is available below. The full video will be on sale for £5, which will include a short video entitled “The Leaders Cut,” which is a rare opportunity to see the leaders making complete fools of themselves!



Cubs retain the District Quiz trophy!

Last weekend six cubs represented 1st Beddington at the annual District Quiz. Competing against 10 other groups in Sutton District, they put their knowledge to the test over nine rounds of questions. Our cubs did very well, in fact they scored full marks on several rounds, so it was a fantastic achievement when our team won for the second year in a row!  It was also nice to have some very positive comments about our cubs by leaders from other packs.

As last year, the winning cubs will now be going to the County quiz in a months time to compete against other winning packs in Greater London South West.

A very big ‘well done’ to Tom B, Tom G, James, Stefan, Freddie and Adam – you did us proud, and good luck in the County Quiz!

May Cub camp / Group 90th Birthday Fun Day

This weekend the cubs went to Fryland’s Wood Campsite.

Whilst away, they went on a hike, went rock climbing, fire-lighting and tracking, plus the usual camp fire and plenty of time for games and exploring!

On the Saturday we were joined by Beavers, Scouts, friends and family for a ‘Fun Day’. This was a chance for the whole group to celebrate 90 years of 1st Beddington, and for parents to see (and try!) some of the things we get up to.

On offer was rock climbing, archery, rifle shooting, ‘earthball’ and a trail for everyone to try, which was followed by a BBQ and raffle, and we also had (a quick) AGM.

Some photos available here, with videos and more photos to follow

Sixer and Seconder Camp

The sixers and seconders went camping on Saturday 19th December, for one night only, at the Scout Hall. They did some work around the grounds, despite the snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures. We made placemats, had a campfire, watched films late into the night and went for a walk round the park on Sunday morning, where the pond had frozen over solid because it was so cold!

Thanks to Baloo, Bagheera and Rachel for once again organising a brilliant camp!

Some photographs available in our album (more to follow soon).

Cub Summer Camp – Thriftwood 09

Our Cub Pack is recently returned from their Summer Camp to Thriftwood Scout Campsite, in Essex. All the Cubs had a fantastic time, taking part in activities such as archery, climbing, walking along a 40ft beam, rafting, bungee running, shooting and a day out to a theme park by the sea. It’s been a whirlwind week, and everyone went home happy so a big thank you goes to Baloo, Bagheera, Simon and Rachel for all their efforts in making this one of our best camps to date!

There are photos available in our gallery here. If anyone has any other photos of camp, please send them to -email-

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