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Comic Relief

The Scouts had a bash at recreating some comedy classics from the two Ronnies and Monty Python.

The “Four Candles” sketch, originally titled “The Hardware Shop” was Written by Ronnie Barker under the pseudonym of Gerald Wiley, it was first broadcast on Saturday, 18 September 1976. At Barker’s memorial service in Westminster Abbey, the cross was accompanied up the aisle by four candles instead of the usual two.

The “Dead Parrot Sketch”, alternatively and originally known as the “Pet Shop Sketch” was written by John Cleese and Graham Chapman and initially performed in the show’s first series, in the eighth episode (“Full Frontal Nudity,” which first aired 7 December 1969). At Graham Chapman’s memorial service, John Cleese used lines from the sketch in his eulogy.

Follow these links for the original Sketches Four Candles Dead Parrot.


We all successfully completed our skydive on Wednesday 18th August . Photos available here.

Many thanks to everyone who sponsored us – thanks to your generosity we have raised more than £2000 for 1st Beddington!




Fundraising at Sutton United FC, Saturday 27th March

After the Beavers spent the morning gaining their Experimenters badge, the Cubs went to Sutton United Football Club to watch their match against Hendon, and to help raise funds for our group. It was a good afternoon, with the home side winning 3-1, and plenty of loose change being donated to 1st Beddington. Many thanks to Sutton United for hosting us, to the fans for their generosity, and to all the Cubs/Scout who came along to help!

Day trip to France 2010

We had a action-packed fun day out on our day trip to Boulogne. We boarded the eurotunnel at Folkestone at half past seven in the morning, and we spent the morning walking around the old town of Boulogne, buying sweets from traditional French shops, and visiting the 13th century castle, where we invested our newest cub. We walked down through the town to the seafront and had lunch on the grass, where we also sang happy birthday to one of our scouts. In the afternoon we headed for Nausicaa sea-life centre where we saw sharks, sea-lions, mantle rays and clownfish to name but a few, before heading back to the UK and playing duck, duck, goose aboard the eurotunnel. Many thanks to all the cubs and scouts who went and displayed a fantastic image of 1st Beddington, and indeed, The Scout Association. Thanks must also be given to all those leaders who went and made the day a complete success, it could not have been done without them!

This trip was such an enjoyable experience for all our young members, and we shall be returning in 2012, so watch this space for more news!

We have a video below and a few photos here.





AGM 2011

A good time was had by all that attended our AGM this year.  Our AGM was wrapped in to a fun day and BBQ.  The event started with a scavenger hunt around Beddington Park.  We returned to the hall and the grown ups joined in the fun of the AGM whilst the younger people had some fun outside in the glorious sunshine.  The grown ups emerged from the serious business of the AGM where they learned all about the Group, how the money goes, what the various sections do, the numerous thank you’s that need to be said (because the group could not run without the many volunteers that help) and a shortish address from our District commissioner (Chris Williams).  The BBQ food was just right and the rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the food and relaxed atmosphere.  There are a few photos in our galleries here, curtsey of Tom.

St George’s Day 2013

We had a good turn out for St Georges day parade this year with three of our Beavers selected to set the pace for whole parade, well done you three.  Everyone else that came along had made a great effort in looking smart, thank you all.  There are pictures from the whole parade on the Sutton District Scouts website.


Beaver’s Car Challenge

Beavers had a great time building the fastest wheeled vehicle that they could out of Lego

bcar02 Some good design work and some very fast vehicles.  Of course this brings the Beavers one step closer to achieving  their Creative Challenge bcar03

Not sure who enjoyed the challenge the most, the leaders seem a bit competitive!


Beaver Sleepover 2011

The Beavers had a sleepover this weekend, on a theme of super-heros.

They proved their skills, bravery, strength, brainpower and teamwork, earning themselves ‘super Beaver’ status.

They took part in a tug-of-war, assault course, and many team games. In the evening they put up their tents inside the hall before watching a super hero film. We were also treated to the firework display from neighbouring Music in the Park concert!

Remarkably the torrential downpours ceased for the sleepover, meaning we were able to make the most of being outside.

Well done to all the beavers who came, and parents can see some photos from this weekend in our album. They will all be getting their ‘1 night away’ badge in due course.

Blackland Farm Cub Camp

The cubs have recently returned from a very wet summer camp to Blackland Farm, near East Grinstead. Despite the torrential rain and flooding over Wednesday and Thursday, the cubs still managed to do their tunneling and bouldering, as well as canoing on the lake. On Friday we did archery, rifle shooting, swimming and zip wires, before the cubs made their own dinner! On Saturday, we ventured out to Littlehampton, where the weather was remarkably warmer – a positively tropical 19 degrees! We spent the morning on the beach making sandcastles and burying ourselves in the sand, before heading over to the funfair on the seafront to try out some of the rides. We finished the day off nicely with a meal out to save cooking! Well done to all the cubs who went – they showed strength of character and perseverance in the face of adverse weather, and we are extremely proud of them. Many thanks to all the leaders who came along to help – Bagheera, Baloo, Raksha and Kay – this wouldn’t have been so successful without you!

Photos are available here. A video of some of our activities is below. Please watch it right to the end, there are some interesting sounds that follow!




Cub Camp Broadstone Warren

On Friday 13th November (unlucky for some!), 1st Beddington Cub Pack set off for an action-packed weekend at Broadstone Warren scout campsite in East Sussex. Despite the wet weather, and ridiculous 80mph winds, the cubs managed to do all their activities, from archery and potholing, to an assault course on the ground and an assault course 30 feet in the air!
We enjoyed a fantastic roast dinner in a cosy log cabin on Saturday afternoon, and even played a wide game against 1st North Wallington, a rival cub pack who also happened to be staying at the site. We won of course, and the cubs were treated to toasted marshmallows on an open fire in the log cabin for their victory.
All the cubs had a good weekend, so a big thank you goes to Baloo, Bagheera, Carole, and Rachel for all their hard work in delivering such a successful camp!
Pictures available here (more coming).



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