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The following articles were authored by admin

May Fair 2016


A big big thank you to everybody that contributed to our efforts at the May Fair this year.  We raised £334.57.  Parents thank you for your contributions for the Tombola and the black and green bunting looked great also thanks for spending money on our stall.  Young People thanks for all your work leading up to the fair and on the day, with making the games, making bracelets and flyers.  On the day you all managed to find a way to help weather it was by running a game, distributing flyers, making popcorn finding unusual ways to make a sale.

Thank You

Cubs Ikea Bingo


Cubs had a go at Ikea bingo this week, they had an Easter themed list of items to find within the store, out of the twenty or so items on the list the two teams managed around 8 each.  There are a few pictures here

Asda Bag Pack


We would like to thank everyone that helped us raise £251.73 for our group to help us improve our premises and subsidies some group events. With the help of Asda and their generous customers along with 6th Carshalton Scout Group we collected £503.46 which we have shared 50:50.

Thanks to all the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Parents that came along and did their stint of bag packing. Also a huge thank you to Asda and their staff for the opportunity and help they gave us on the day.

Cubs Road Safety

Cubs working on their Road Safety presentations courtesy of the CWU’s learning centre in Croydon.
The Cubs learnt about the Green Cross Code, where it is safe to cross, how you need to pay attention  and stay alert when you cross the road, picking a good place to cross etc.
Then the cubs hit the streets to gather some pictures to use in their road safety presentations.
We also spent a little time finding out about the different types of pedestrian crossings (School, Zebra, Pelican, Puffin, Pegasus and toucan).  Did you know the differences?
To finish off the Road Safety Badge and complete part of the requirements of the IT badge the cubs spent an hour putting together their research, the results of which can be seen by following the links below.
cubs compute
Bryn Jed Max Nat
Sam Reece Fin Scott

Scout Water Activities Weekend

An absolutely fantastic weekend was had by all. The weather was as close to perfect as it could have been. Activities were well organised, food was adequate and ready at all the right times. All the Scouts were well behaved and seemed to be enjoying themselves (provided they kept their hands out of their pockets).

Of all the activities on offer the most popular appeared to be Kayaking although Bob was expecting the Bell boating to be the most popular, Dragon boating was rather hard work.

To see some photos of the trip click here or visit the Gallery page.

Sightseeing Sprint

This half term saw some of the Scouts take part in our sponsored ‘Sightseeing Sprint’, the aim was to try and visit as many London sights as we could in one day with a target of 100.  We started as soon as the rush hour was over from Sainsbury’s car park, Purley way.  During the day we used bus, tram, tube, boat, train and foot (we sat on some Boris bikes but did not ride them) to get around.  In the end we only managed 74 Sights which was a really great effort by everyone.  We took photos as we went around and posted some of them to a blog live so that parents could follow our progress (Scout Blog).  The gallery of photos for our 74 sights and a couple of extra pics. are here.

Expedition 2010

The weather was good most of the time, ice in the morning was a bit of a surprise. All the Scouts did really well keeping good humoured throughout the expedition despite tiredness, minor aches and pains, ice/sunshine, James’s jokes and Bob’s Noodles. We must also thank or excellent support team (Tom) for ferrying around all the kit and closing roads for us. I would also like to apologise to the parents as the road in to camp was a little uneven. We shot a little bit of video, please forgive the music choice and the photos are available here


Scarefest 2011

The Scouts had a good time at Scarefest again this year, the weather was kind to us and there where a few new activities that we had not done before.  The Show was amazing as usual, we tried to film the show but in all the excitement we pressed the wrong buttons and only took still pictures I have however found someone else’s video on you tube that i have included here.  Our pictures can be seen here.

February Freeze Camp 2012

The Scouts have recently returned from the February Freeze Camp,  This was the first time we had tried this event at Chalfont St. Peter’s PACCAR camp site.  Previous winter camp was at Gilwell in January, where we had snow and freezing temperatures.  Being a bit further away from Christmas the timing of this camp was better and the weather, the weather was almost as good as summer camp.  The food was O.K. apart from the scrambled egg!  There was a nice selection of activities and a good atmosphere generally.  We took some video as a small reminder of what we got upto.  We also try to upload photos from events and camps, power permitting as we go along to ourEvents Blog so call in there to see a few more photos from this and previous events.


Olympic Torch Relay

Bob made it to the starting point in the nick of time, for training from LOCOG and a warm up courtesy of Coca Cola. Then off to the street to take his place waiting for the flame to arrive.

I have an enormous ~~THANK YOU~~ to say to all the people that made the extra special effort to come and see me live at such an early hour on a Sunday morning.


The torch-bearing experience was a huge honour and a once in a lifetime experience for me. I was nominated and awarded my place on the Olympic torch relay through my volunteering with the Scout Association. I hope my experience will show the young people that anything is possible. To the adults maybe you would consider volunteering, not necessarily scouting as your interests and the need could be elsewhere.

You can catch the video of my ‘run’ here at the BBC I have also added some pictures of the apprentice touchbearers in our gallery!

Our Volunteering page.

Some more pictures.


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